Happiness is.....


Today is not so joyful for me. 
There's a storm outside and the rain is seeping through our very expensive windows and doors that we installed throughout our flat the same time last year. And to top it off, the region of Puglia has decided to shut off the water supply for the entire province for one week from 1pm to 5am in the morning, starting today. I have a feeling that there's going to be a lot of stinky people in Puglia this week. 
So, what to do when one is a tad bit stressed? Well, realizing that things like these are a part of everyday life here and the fundamental thing is "how I handle situations" like this, and so far....I'll be quite honest with you...I've handled it terribly." Therefore, the first thing I'm going to do is to try and forget about it for a while and....
go and find things that make me happy!

What makes you happy? 

There are a million things that make me happy. 
And looking back....invariably, it's the tiny little things that add a twinkle to my eye, erupts a giggle from my throat, elicits a grin from my face and a laugh from my heart.

pay attention to the moment.

a smile. 
a kind gesture.
a hug.
a look.

it's all we really have.

don't wait for tomorrow.
tomorrow is today

...a few things...to share with you.

why is it so dark in here?
where am i?


me too, i wanna help.


look at me!  look at me!

i love you.

squirrels spooning - love!

could i get any smaller?

are you my mommy?

i know I'm nice to look at. 

hey!  can i get a hand over here?

...this makes me happy.

what about you?

(photo credits here)

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