Mila Kunis - A Beautiful Swan

A Beautiful Swan

I just couldn't resist. Do you ever get that feeling? My first thought was....oh, I'd love to post this. But I can't. Mine isn't a fashion blog. But then again, my blog isn't anything, but a representation of all the things that inspire me, that puts me in awe, and in some way touches my soul, my spirit......elicits a smile on my face.

 and my blog is about dreams and.....
what do dreams know of boundaries?

This is the first for me. I've never posted about fashion or clothes. However, when I saw this on the LA Times Magazine. My jaw just dropped. I mean.... how fabulous does Mila Kunis look?

Is there a word to describe 
hot, elegant and beautiful - all rolled into one?

Who knew that the girl from That 70's Show would turn out to be so....

drop dead gorgeous.

do these photos remind of you Audrey Hepburn?



p.s. so swamped with work that I haven't been able to drop by your sweet blogs lately. 
forgive me. 

gotta go - literally (running late for work).


  1. She's absolutely gorgeous. I read an article where she said she was so glad her dancing was filmed because she never intends to put points back on.

  2. It's the hair that channels Audrey! I love the dress in the third picture. Maybe I should get married again and wear that? <3

  3. wow, these photos are really STUNNING of her!!

  4. Excellent photos.thanks to share these.........

  5. Yes, fantastic. I like the 3rd one best. Still haven't seen that movie - I think I'm afraid of it.

  6. she looks amazing... those dresses are beautiful!

  7. Amazing pictures!! Very inspirational :)
    I hope you have a relaxing, wonderful weekend, Reese!

  8. Reeseeeeeee!!! Amazing images!! Wow!!
    How are you, dear friend?
    Well, let me tell you this week has been sooooo crazy for me! Full of things to do and so. Sorry if I have not dropped by, sweet friend! I came to wish you the best weekend ever!!! Full of sun, love, dance and good food!!!
    Much love!!!
    HEY!! Do participate on my giveaway!!! Please!! I would LOVE to send YOU Chá de Baunilha products!!!

  9. apppparently my brothers already knew she was good looking.
    they knew this very, very well. apparently it was only me who was suprised to see her grown all up, haha - krsta

  10. Gorgeous indeed! When I saw that first photo I was reminded of Audrey Hepburn. She is one classy woman. =)

  11. SUCH a beautiful spread! She looks ethereal!

  12. These are the most artistic and beautiful pictures I've ever seen of Mila or of any of the a celebrities these days. She was soo elegant much like Audrey Hepburn. If only Mila would stop talking like she's 12...she has a sweetness about her like audrey's she just needs to stop yapping so much. She might want to consider taking an English and Vocabulary course to expand her knowledge of English. She needs to stop saying like all the time it makes her sound like a stupid vapid valley girl and she needs to stop talking about I but I'm very private. Basically we want to know who she's dating and if she's a public star...quess what she owes it to the public. I'm hoping her and seth macfarlane will hook-up...he's terribly cute,smart and funny and she needs to be with an A-list guy to be a winner. Culkin wasn't....It's time she left him behind and grew up.

  13. I agree completely. She's STUNNING!!

  14. WOW! Those photos are stunning. I'm so excited you decided to share, otherwise I would have missed them completely.

    Truth: I love her BUT I'm a bit jealous because I heard she recently shot a romcom with my BF Justin Timberlake.... hmmmmmmm. I guess I'm willing to share.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  15. She is absolutely stunning! I love the black and white photos, her hair and makeup and the elegant dresses she is wearing.

  16. what stood out to me, was the line in your blog....

    " what do dreams know of boundaries ?"
    and day dreams know ever

    yep...she does look purdifull...especially in that first shot...


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