Mila Kunis - A Beautiful Swan

A Beautiful Swan

I just couldn't resist. Do you ever get that feeling? My first thought was....oh, I'd love to post this. But I can't. Mine isn't a fashion blog. But then again, my blog isn't anything, but a representation of all the things that inspire me, that puts me in awe, and in some way touches my soul, my spirit......elicits a smile on my face.

 and my blog is about dreams and.....
what do dreams know of boundaries?

This is the first for me. I've never posted about fashion or clothes. However, when I saw this on the LA Times Magazine. My jaw just dropped. I mean.... how fabulous does Mila Kunis look?

Is there a word to describe 
hot, elegant and beautiful - all rolled into one?

Who knew that the girl from That 70's Show would turn out to be so....

drop dead gorgeous.

do these photos remind of you Audrey Hepburn?



p.s. so swamped with work that I haven't been able to drop by your sweet blogs lately. 
forgive me. 

gotta go - literally (running late for work).

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