Word Verification Request and Happy Weekend!

Word Verification

What is it with word verification request
after leaving a comment on a blog?
You can easily approve or delete a comment from your blog.
Blogger makes it really simple and even has a spam box for comments that don't originate from a real person.

I love leaving comments and engaging in conversation, but it's so much more work when I "click" to post my comment and then it asks me for word verification.

Please change your settings today and undo it....
pretty please with strawberries and sugar on top? 

If you already have it turned-off ...there's only two words left to say

-Thank you. 

Now, let's get this weekend started!

I wish you a lovely and sweet weekend

with lots of hugs and kisses.

May no one give you a reason to cry

other than at a wedding.

Have fun

dress up

dress down

do whatever makes you happy.



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