Tips on Blogging and Taking a Break

Blogging and Taking a Break

I've taken a longer break in between my posts and I do apologize for that. Actually, let's rephrase that. 
I've taken a longer break in between my posts and I hope you understand. 

I felt that I needed to take some time for myself and time out from blogging. I honestly believe that in order to write something of interest, it's important to take a break once in a while...that applies to anything - really. I took a breather from blogging altogether this past week. I didn't even look at a blog until today. In this time, I learned a little bit about myself. 

I learned that:

When I feel guilty about not doing something...
the more I don't want to do it. 
Has that ever happened to you? 
A feeling of deliberate resistance and procrastination sets in.
Why or where this emotion comes from - I do not know. 

You don't have to comment on every blog.
It's okay to just read a post and enjoy it for what it is.

It's okay to post less. 
It's not about quantity, but quality.

Write from the heart.
Inspiration flows from within.
If you don't feel it - don't write it.

Enjoy the process.
Don't think about the end result.
It will come through presence. 

p.s. thanks for understanding.
Wishing you all a sweet weekend!


The photos above are from my recent weekend in Gravina in Puglia.
I shall share some more photos of that special weekend in my 
upcoming posts. 


  1. We understand sweetie. And we are glad to have you back. I have days like those too.

  2. Hi,sweetie! That is a great post...Its all about enjoying what you do, right?...Hugs and see you soon:)

    Ps: I hope you will have a chance to enter my giveaway!

  3. what a great post reese, and i know i experience the same mood and guilt. sometimes i think, well if i don't post, i will lose readers....but i have nothing to say right now! and i hate it when i post something i don't like. thanks for sharing!

  4. I 100% agree! Have a fabulous weekend!!

  5. This is so true! And I think it applies to lots of things besides blogs too. It's lovely to see you no matter when :)

  6. Thanks I needed that ;)
    Enjoy your blog-free time off!

  7. I agree! And these are great tips. I have been taking more breaks between posts too. I feel guilty sometimes then...I don't want to do it even more like you said! Taking breaks are important.

  8. we definitely understand and all you said are true. :D

    <3, Mimi

  9. We need less guilt in the world... for these kinds of things anyway. Global warming, that we should feel guilty about. But eating a little too much chocolate last night (ahem...), not so much so... xo bb

  10. Reese, Reese, Reese!!!! I totaly agree with you! Take your time, sweetie!!! Inspiration comes anytime! I need to confess I LOVE reading your writing!!!!
    Have the best weekend ever, sweet!!!! Baci!!! Bela.

  11. Believe me I totally understand!
    I make sure and step away from the internet when I feel my creative juices are fried.
    I hope you enjoy the break-however long it may be!

  12. Glad to see you back, and I enjoyed this post very much. I feel that same sense of guilt too, especially when it comes to sewing. Yes, I sell my stuff on Etsy but I do it for fun... not a business. However, if I have been away from my machines for a while I feel BAD.

  13. I totally understand and support your break 110%! You make so many good points here.. love this post! Thank you for the reminder that it is OK and also necessary to take breaks sometimes

  14. Hi honey! I so agree with you. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing. It's horrible feeling obliged to do something rather than doing it for the pure joy of it.

    Hope u have a great week! xoxo

  15. :) i need to do some of that for myself!!
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  16. yup, i couldn't agree more with your tips! sometimes i do get overwhelmed with daily postings and commenting on everyone's blog posts that i lose sight of why i'm blogging in the first place!! sometimes i just need to take a break and go eat frozen yogurt with friends toO!

  17. O I know exactly what you mean, I was working so hard this summer I did not have time to even think about my blog. My father in law, who is very tech challenged, even said to me..."maybe you should change your blog name if you are only going to post once every two months"...."everyday with abby j" was certainly a lie.

    Well I'm back. and like you said with plenty to say.

    Happy to have found you along the way today, I look forward to your next posts.

  18. oooooo, I need to learn a few of those lessons. Guilt is DEFINITELY not a motivator for me either.

    {As a side note, that Owl kinda creeped me out. Beautiful picture, but creepy owl.}

  19. welcome back... love that you share with us your lessons learned

  20. Hi Reese,
    It's important to unplug sometimes... I need to do it myself from time to time. Happy you are back though!

  21. I totally understand Reese, just went through a spell of blog-breaking myself not that long captured how I felt during that time perfectly..."deliberate resistance and procrastination"...I don't get it either, it's awful isn't it?!
    And I'm learning to not feel guilty for not posting...the muse must be there with me or else quality will be sacrificed for the quantity and that would be a shame.

    Thank you for voicing so well this predicament that I think all writers and bloggers find themselves in periodically.
    xo J~

  22. "When I feel guilty about not doing something...
    the more I don't want to do it."

    SO TRUE.
    You've seen and you've been so sweet to comment on my apologetical post yesterday on my blog, after I had to take a loooong break myself. So you can understand how much this great post of yours resonates with me.
    Thanks you Reese!

    PS: ah, I live in Parma - Italy, and btw I know Puglia v. well, the Focaccia recipe you've seen yesterday was actually thaught to me by a pugliese lady! ;)

  23. I love this post. I sometimes feel abit guilty about taking breaks between posts. My Muse disappears at times. And then it returns!

    I love reading through your blog, and will return.

  24. Great post, Reese! I know we've discussed this a bit already, but what you said is so true. This is supposed to be fun, not draining and guilt ridden. I'm glad you took your much-deserved break!

  25. Glad I stopped by this morning!!!
    Lovely post:):)


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