Hello Splendor's Blog Crawl - My Life is an Open Book

blog crawl

i am very excited to participate in hello splendor's first blog crawl. 
thank you to the amazing beth for allowing me to have the pleasure of taking part.

the theme for this blog crawl is 
"my life is an open book"
- telling your story.

 you read what others have written and others read your story...eventually discovering new blogs and making some blogging friends along the way. 

at first....I thought - how cool is this and what fun it'll be!
but then, reality began to sink in. 

how and where did I even begin? 

like many of you, i've gone to more than one university, 
lived in many places and cities. 

i've had different types of jobs and careers, and life has thrown me countless challenges.

and so, with all these thoughts in my head. i threw myself into the challenge and just began to write.

this is my story.

the end.....

actually, no, this is just the beginning of another story.

thanks amanda lee at amanda lee dot org for her uplifting story and passing off the torch to me. and be sure to check out kyle at night moves tomorrow. 

credit for quote in book - It's Simple Love


  1. This is just the beginning...That is so true!!! I loved your story and I cant wait for my turn:)..I got a bit teary...so sweet!
    Hugs and kisses,sweetie

    Ps: I will be hosting a lovely GIVEAWAY in a little bit… so please join in !!!!

  2. Oh how wonderful and beautiful, I loved how you ended it! Some of your story felt so familiar (except I met my love in the States, even though he was European, and I was in Hawaii not Canada:))...I thought I'd be a realist too but in the end also gave in to my heart! (Cheesy as it sounds!) Thank you for a lovely tale this Wednesday :)

  3. Aw, your story is so very wonderful!!!!

  4. nice story! sounds similar to mine, my family moved overseas several times and now I travel whenever I can afford it! it's a good way to live.

  5. awwww, i love that last quote!!!

  6. Wonderful telling of your story...it was a fun read and learing about the travel gene that you were blessed with at birth made me wish I had been born with one too! So happy you found your soul mate too...just never know what life is going to surprise you with do ya?!? ;)

    Well done!

  7. This looks like such an amazing project, thanks for sharing your story :)


  8. what a wonderful story. love all the adventure.

  9. That is an exciting story! Thanks for letting us get to know you better. I just found your blog through the crawl and am looking forward to following along. Is Puglia in Foggia? That's where my grandfather came from!

  10. Reese I just loved reading this...you did such a superb job and I wanna hear the rest!!


  11. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this! Your story is so sweet.


  12. Love it Reese! It just made me so happy reading this! Thank you... and good luck when/if the plot thickens again (wink, wink) ...

  13. What a fantastic story, your story! I'm still in awe that you live in Italy now... I have visited Italy so often, and love it there (a month in Naples this summer, but never Puglia), but would know where and how to begin to consider such a move. You're brave, strong, and creative!



  14. so cute!


  15. What a clever idea, creating connections and threads with other bloggers. Yes, our stories have similar themes, with variations and modulations. You ended up in Italy; I started there.

  16. This is wonderful! You have had such an exciting life! How great you have seen so many places and met so many people! Thank you for sharing your story. It was beautifully written!

  17. Loved meeting you too through this blog crawl! Love your story!! xo

  18. What a beautiful story! It is so neat that you got to travel the world! ....and meet the love of your life! Thanks for sharing Reese!

  19. i am so jealous that you live in Italy!
    i will always have a special place in my heart for Italy. a) because the first and only time i've been there i fell in love with the people, culture, buildings, and everything. and b) because my first kiss was a boy from Rome visiting the hotel i worked at in high school...i was too shy then and i never got his contact information. but i know he's out there, or something like him :)

    follow me <3

  20. I absolutely loved your story! What a neat journey you have paved all the way. Life definitely surprises you with an unexpected meeting, doesn't it? You truly love traveling and I admire your strength and energy to realize your dream. I like your writing, too. Nice to meet you, Globe-trotter Reese!


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