How do you Relax and De-Stress?

relaxing and de-stressing

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I hope you all had lovely weekend spending time with loving friends and family, and following your passions. 

This has been a challenging week for me with career decisions and other things on my mind. I thought talking about it would help, but this time it didn't work its usual magic...and so with that, I spent most of the weekend trying to de-stress with my wonderful husband. We had a small, intimate dinner party for friends; went for a motorcycle ride in the country and came upon some beautiful scenery (....sorry, I didn't have my camera); indulged in some italian gelato (zuppa inglese, caffe and panna cotta topped with whip cream).

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I was truly trying to stay in the now and enjoy each and every breath. 

Do you ever feel like that ?
Think about something so much that you want to switch your brain off; where you want to go and do something that will make you stop thinking about it?

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Sometimes, when I have lots on my mind, I try and be active, eat delicious food, and do things to help me stay in the moment. At times, it was difficult to stop worrying and obsess about things I had no control over, but it 
finally worked. 

What about you? 
What helps you stay in the moment and de-stress?

This coming Thursday, 
I have an exciting post for y'all and I hope you'll tune in to check it out. 


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