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There are many blogs and websites of interest to me; some of which I list under websites I follow along the right column. One that is especially entertaining, informative and sometimes uplifting is Penelope Trunk's Brazen Careerist blog (a social network to help people manage their careers). It's a blog for people who want ways to improve their career, get advice, network, etc., but it's also a personal blog where Penelope Trunk writes about her life. I'm not looking for career advice, etc.; however, I read it because of its entertaining writer - Penelope Trunk.

She entertains and engages the reader. Her stories and experiences about her personal life, career, relationships and family are put 'out there' in its glorious colour and intensity. She writes with humour and is direct, facetious, and at times self-deprecating. She doesn't leave anything out. Well, maybe she does, but I don't know that. I appreciate the candour with which she writes. It takes either bravery or narcissism to write so honestly as she does. I could never bear my soul online and trust that it would be well-received, nor do I trust all that's out there (you know what I mean). I don't have the type of skin for that. And, whether I agree with her opinions or not, she is fascinating to read and makes me think and puts a smile on my face. 

Click here to find out more about her.

This is one of her latest postings I really enjoyed - How to get unstuck in life, a post about to-do lists. I find that I make to-do lists all the time (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly to do lists) and I never seem to get them finished. While I was reading this post, I empathized with her about the endless to-do lists in our lives and I learned a few tips along the way. I also came to the self-realization that I need to try and practice methods of putting less pressure on myself. 

I'm the type of person that has an endless amount of work and personal projects going on at once and this is how I like things. So, if you're anything like me, you will have an endless to- do list in your head. It's like having another voice in your head constantly repeating the list in your ear. Even if you don't want to hear it and even when it's not needed at that moment; it's there in front of you, surrounding you, and it can be overwhelming sometimes. There are moments that I need to get away from these running to-do lists in my head. Knowing that I'm not the only one makes me feel better. So, thanks Penelope for putting it into perspective

Things I've learned to practice.
(to put the to-do lists at rest for a moment):

write daily, weekly and monthly to-do lists
(be flexible)
take deep breaths 
 (It helps me relax) 
staying in the moment 
(feeling my breath and being aware of my surroundings) 
be aware of nature
be with people I love and who inspire me
watch other people relax 
(Italians are quite good at doing this; my sister told me that this is a form of hobby - previously, I had thought it was a form of laziness. Now, I know better...well, sort of).

Heck, I'm living in the Mediterranean. I need to chill-out more. 

What do you do to stop the running to-do lists in your head from taking over?

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