i feel BEAUTIFUL when.....

I recently stumbled upon a post, "Beautiful You" by Sara 
at a Trice of Life.  
She wrote about what makes her feel beautiful and 
how we need to remind ourselves of it....because sometimes, 
it's not so easy to focus on the positive.
She made a list of five things that made her feel beautiful
So, I'm joining Sara and spreading this message and sharing with you 5 things that make 
me feel beautiful.

Here's to celebrating the gorgeous in all of us.

I feel beautiful when.....
my husband smiles at me lovingly and kisses me on my forehead
i'm singing
i'm being creative
i'm cycling
my husband gives me a nose cuddle

...wait...i have to add one more thing....
when I see nature's astounding beauty

(I was incredibly blessed to witness not one, but two rainbows)

What 5 things make you feel beautiful?

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