Blogger Safety - Things You Should Know

Usually I like to write happy and inspirational posts, but, on occasion, reality gets in the way and I need to communicate some practical stuff.

The world of blogging is generally wonderful. 
Usually, the blogs I read are all written by women like myself, 
who want to communicate, share, connect, write, inspire and be inspired. 
However, there are some out there who use this information for negative purposes; one of which is personal information. 
Women, generally tend to be more trusting and open with information than men and this makes women easier targets for unsavoury people.

I've been reading some unpleasant stories in the blog world and I just want to remind my dear blogging friends to be careful of giving out too much personal information 
about themselves. 
It could fall into the wrong hands.

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Blogger Safety: What You Should Know

Do not give out your last name, address or telephone number on your blog, unless you have a business that you are promoting and have a separate contact information for clients and customers.

It's natural to talk about our lives; it's fun to share. 
However, be careful not to give out information like a specific area of where you live in a city. 
For example, I live in San Francisco...but do not give the exact area of the neighbourhood in San Francisco. 

I love sharing stories about my travels, but I blog about it afterwards.
I write about an upcoming trip but without exact details of dates or how long I'll be gone.
You never know, someone out there could be waiting for you to go on holiday 
and then rob you.

On another blog, I found out that a woman had impersonated another woman's life and put it up on Facebook. She just copied all the photos and information from this woman's blog and pasted them onto her Facebook, and claimed it as hers. This is a scary and extreme incident, but rare.

There are also blog stalkers - not common, but out there. Here is a story that I found from Optiniche that links to Pro Blogger about a blog stalking incident. It's interesting to read the comments as well because other people write about their experiences too. 

Talk about your friends and family, but be smart about the information that you put out there. 
I don't think I've ever mentioned my husband's name on my blog. 
I post photos of him and mention him as my significant other, but that's it. 
Maybe you write more and that's long as you're comfortable with it and understand what information you're putting out there.

Do you have pèrsonal rules about blogging?
If you have any suggestions on blogger safety and if you found this information helpful, please leave a comment or email me. 

p.s. I hope I didn't scare you. I only want to help you be informed.  


  1. You're right, this is SO important to remember! It's scary whats out there...I think we can get wrapped up in the fun of sharing on a blog and forget the dangers we need to keep in mind. Very smart of you to share, and a really good reminder, thanks!

  2. Hello dear,

    Hope all is well with lovely you!

    Thank you for the great post. I have not been stalked, but I know a thing or two about copy cats! It is annoying, but I prefer to view it as the ultimate flattery!

    I am so sorry I have not been blog alert lately. I have just had too much on my plate. But I am coming up for fresh air!

    Thank you for your always lovely comments and your friendship!

    ox, Mon

  3. Thanks for the great advice. Just stumbled across your blog and love it. :)
    nicole visiting from

  4. I really appreciated this post! It's always in the back of my mind, but it is easy to override that sometimes and post whatever. This will help me think twice. Generally, my rule is to not post pictures of people I know or of myself. Thank you for posting this. It is an excellent reminder to every blogger!

  5. Seeing children on blogs makes me uneasy. They look adorable and we want to share them with the world, but not everyone is good out there. For peace of mind I think it best to err on the side of caution, not just for 'bad men', but children get easily embarrassed! They are entitled to some privacy too.

  6. This is a great post, Reese! Thank you for sharing your insight and for these great reminders...

    I get scared sometimes that I post too much about my personal life. It's hard when you blog as part of your business and a big part of that is sharing.

    I'll definitely think twice the next time I'm writing about myself or my life.

    THANKS girl.. xoxoxo

  7. I totally agree, we live in a sadly very scary world sometimes. That facebook thing is creepy! This is good advice! Thanks :o)

  8. Its so important to remember....Thanks so much for this post! I am following you too, sweetie:)

  9. Great post, it's nice to remind everyone that being cautious is important. I've mentioned that on my social site too. It's an important reminder.
    To answer your question about the chocolate cake -yes, you can use Philadelphia cream cheese ( I assume you mean the kind in the tub) just make sure it is softened ( not cold and hard straight out of the fridge),Enjoy!Hugs, Katherine

  10. Very great tips. I think about it from time to time but then I think I do get a little careless. I need to button up a little more :)

    Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  11. wow SO true! sometimes we forget and that's not good. :/ cute blog, by the way.

  12. Reese, great suggestions here! It might help if came up with guidelines people get before they start blogging.

  13. Hey Sweetie! We need more posts like this! Honest, true and helpful. And no, you didn't scare or worry me, we need to hear this stuff! Love ya girl! And make sure you keep posts like this comin'!


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