The Little Lemonade Stand

Originally, I wanted to write about our trip to Basilicata, Italy and show you some of the beautiful photos we took of the rural area, but my husband has recently cleaned out the computer and they are nowhere to be found. I hope I will eventually find them somewhere, but until then, I would like to share this little sweet post with you for this Mother's Day Weekend


I woke up earlier than I wanted to this usual, but I woke to thinking about different designs and then I had visuals of different drawings and pictures in in my head. Then as my mind continued to meander, I thought of lemonade stands and how much I adored the idea of them as a child; but never actually having my own lemonade stand, I've always wondered what it would be like to be a child again and have my own lemonade stand. And since summer is just around the corner, why not dedicate a post to the little lemonade stand everywhere. Here is a collage of photos I found while browsing flickr for some inspiration. 

p.s. for you brides out there, I think that lemonade stands would make a great theme for a bridal party or even a barnyard or country wedding

i used to love hamsters as a kid, so it's only appropriate that these guys get to be at the top of the page. 

a sweet illustration by vintagecat

a picture perfect lemonade stand.

little girl with a little red cash register. 

a little boy waiting for customers.

a very happy entrepreneur. he must be raking in the dough.

i'm loving this lemonade cart and the beautiful smile on this girl's face. it's enough to make you want to buy a few cups of lemonade. 

only in New York City - a 5 dollar lemonade and cookie stand.

Have you noticed that the prices for lemonade has increased exponentially? 
From 5 cents to 5 dollars! Talk about inflation.

p.s. I just want to say thank you all for commenting on my last post and I was really excited when "Penelope Trunk" herself left a comment as well.  So, here's a BIG, BIG THANK YOU to Penelope Trunk!



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