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I am visually challenged. Therefore, I must wear eyeglasses or contact lenses all the time. But, I just can't walk into a Wal-mart or a drugstore to buy them. In Italy, contact lens solution is only sold in optical stores. Why?!! I have no idea. If you know, email me. Anyways, for some reason they don't sell the brands I have used for almost 20 years (Alcon or Bausch and Lombe). I have tried to use the brands sold here, but my eyes have rejected them thus so far. So, I had my husband ask around in this town and other towns to see if any of them carried my eye solution. Anyways, he found one a couple towns away. 

So, my husband went to this shop in this town to buy contact lens eye solution for me and the shop wasn't open, buuuuuut - now get this. The shop owner and another employee were waiting outside for a second employee who had the only keys to open the shop. YEAH - how does that make any sense? The shop owner not having keys to his own shop. Anyways, the owner called the employee and the employee said that he would be late because of some problem he had. So no one could go into the shop.


This is a photo of me wearing my favourite glasses in Naples. I really loved these glasses because I had prescription transitions lenses on the frames. Transitions lenses are clear indoors and at night but automatically adjust their level of tint to changing light conditions outdoors. But sadly, they're permanently broken now. During a run, I stopped by a water fountain to cool down on an extremely hot day. I forgot I had put them in my pocket and they had fallen out. I stepped on them by accident as I was searching for them on ground, blindly touching the pavement like a complete imbecile. 


  1. pity about the lost shades - they looked nice. happy to be reminded of naples - had such a great summer there last year... xo bb


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