Happiness and Inspiration - What Makes You Happy?

I'd like to start a weekly contribution where I have readers and followers of my blog write a comment or email me on "WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?" It could be a quote, comment, poem, a story or a picture....anything really. 

I'm always looking for sources of happiness and inspiration. I walk alone for solitude and a connection with nature and God. I watch sunrises and watch the world rise for a new and fresh day. I watch sunsets to watch the world wind down and rest. I like to watch birds fly and soar for pleasure. I love listening to the waves of the sea and the ocean. When it's a clear night without a cloud in the sky, I can look up at the constellation of stars and the moon in complete awe of God's amazing world.

I stumble upon many interesting and inspiring blogs and websites and some I list in my blog list or favourite blogs on the right column. But there are many others I don't mention because I just don't have the time or the space in my blog to mention them. Some make me happy and inspire me to do better and be a better person.

Here is something I read from one of the Spiritual Contributors on Oprah.com. I'm sorry I can't remember who actually said it, but the message is what is important.

"Don't live an ordinary life. Live an extraordinary life."
I believe that there is a revolution going on in the 21st century and it's a revolution where we are looking for more than what we can see, hear or touch. We are truly looking for solutions and practices that will make us better, kinder and happier. We are seeking joy that does not derive from materialism nor success in the Western definition. 

So, the question for you is - are you a part of this revolution?


  1. Happiness for me is when i leave home for work every day and, before i go, i kiss my wife's face whyle she's still sleeping... incredible sweet....


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