Happiness Today

I've been neglectful..... I haven't written about Happiness for a while. 

Happiness is believing in my dreams no matter how impossible the odds. 
Happiness is looking out the window and believing that a new day is possible. 
Happiness is believing that people are inately good.
Happiness is knowing and believing in me.
Happiness is knowing that I am not my thoughts - I am my spirit.
Happiness is knowing that I am divine. 
Happiness is more than just a day, an experience, an event. 
Happiness is that I love and I am loved back.
Happiness is being alone.
Happiness is being with people I love and that feed my soul.
Happiness is life. 
Happiness is the great spirit - God.

I leave you with a photo of my friend, Rose and I. It was a memorable and special visit that I made to Vancouver Island in Canada a few years ago. I introduced her to my future husband.

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