An American Halloween

I celebrated my first American Halloween party in
Trani, Italy. Sue, Rick, Eileen and Olivia did a
fabulous job decorating their home for a mix of
guests from all over the world. I first mistook Eileen
as Heidi, but in fact, she was dressed as a German
barmaid. Rick was dressed as Lucius Malfoy and by
the way that's his real hair.

Sarah and her family really got into the spirit of things.
and dressed up really gory. I love the caveman outfit
with the skull and bones.     

As all mad scientists do, Sue was cooking up a storm in the
laboratory making home-made donuts for the festivities.

The finished product!!              

Now to test the product on willing participants.

Me - stupidly wearing my mask upside down.

Amory wearing my mask the way it should have been worn.

Can you guess what we're all dancing to?

And finally, the mad scientist, Sue with her mascot.
This is the largest cat I have ever seen in my entire life!!!
It had the face of lion. I believe it's known as a Maine Coon.

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