StikkiNikki - Coffee and Gelato Queen (That's the name but I made up the subtitle :-))

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Check out her website, but I have to warn you it's in Swedish.

Photo of us on the Historical Canal Tour after drinking 4 cups of filtered coffee. Actually, that's not us, that's a picture of everyone else in front of us. The Historical Canal Tour is really nice and leisurely. Not all that exciting, but definitely worth a trip. Plus it was a free tour because of our Stockholm Card. Check out for more information on Stockholm and Copenhagen.

Note: you are not permitted to have food or beverage on board. We snuck it on. Hee, hee. We almost gave ourselves away cause we were laughing so hard. Every time the drink cart came by selling refreshments, we had to hide our coffee in our laps.

Okay, so I've been meaning to write this for a while, but just got so busy with renovating one of our rooms that the rest of my life has been a little neglected. FYI - never put up wallpaper. Taking down 30 year old wallpaper was 5 days of hell! My fingers and hands were destroyed by the end. Anyhow, I just want to write about this terrific coffee/ice-cream stop in Stockholm, Sweden, which is operated and owned by a fantastic Texan gal. The name of the place is STIKKINIKKI.

My fiance and I happened to be walking along the boardwalk towards the Quayside at Stadshusbron to catch the Historical Canal Tour when I saw this small, charming coffee-stop. I noticed the gigantic coffee containers and I thought, maybe they'll have American coffee. Since, I've been living in Italy, it has been really difficult to find coffee to my taste, since all Italians love espresso. Anyways, I got so excited that I might be able to drink coffee like I had at home in Canada and England. I neared the counter and heard a young woman behind the counter speaking English. "Excuse me, do you serve filter coffee?" I asked. "I sure do." Said she. So, I ordered one for myself. It was absolutely delicious and creamy. My fiance liked the taste of it too, so I ordered one for him as well. I got to talking to the vivacious, young woman and found out that she was the owner and operator. She had once lived in Italy as well and so we inevitably exchanged tales of our adventures. We said our goodbyes as kindred strangers do and went along our way to get to the tour.

Once we arrived at the tour location, we found out that the tour was full. We were instructed to wait for the next tour, which was scheduled an hour later, so in fact, we had to kill more than an hour and a half. Bummer. However, we were tired from walking around the city and were happy to take a break. We had our lovely coffess to keep up us refreshed, so we found a bench with a view of the canal and sipped our coffees slowly and leisurely. This was the way coffee was meant to be drunk - mmmmmmmm. Well, after we finished our coffees, we had nothing better to do but to wait. I couldn't stop thinking about the yummy coffee we had just drunk, so I suggested another cup of coffee from StikkiNikki. I walked back towards StikkiNikki and said, "Hello again, can I have another two coffees to go?" Nikki thought I must be crazy for wanting 2 more cups of coffee, but she was more than kind and offered me a free refill. Nikki was sarcastic and funny. She thought I was pursuing a caffeine kick. We ended up chatting a bit more before I had to go.

I wish I had taken a picture of StikkiNikki, but often my bright ideas don't happen at the time that I want them to. However, I managed to get a photo from her website and posted it at the top of the page. So, if you're ever in Stockholm walking along the quayside at Stadshusbron, towards City hall. I highly recommend going by StikkiNikki for coffee, ice-cream, sandwiches or just to have a chat with this sharp, witty young woman. Tell her that Reese says hi.

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