Dinner Party in Italy

We just had our first dinner party. Well, not really a proper dinner party because we ordered pizza, however, we did cook all the appetizers and our lovely friend Kate brought an amazing dessert. The dinner party was suppose to coincide with the main fireworks display from the Port of Bisceglie, but we got the date wrong. It happened the next day. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the pics from our night.
Kate's fabulous fruit meringue pie.
Kate has since corrected me and the correct name for this delicious dessert is Pavlova.

Appetizers that I've prepared that all need to go into the oven, which is small in North American terms. It only fits one large tray at a time.

Grilled Zucchini with fresh garlic, salt, and olive oil, sprinked with bread crumbs.

Grilled melanzane (aubergine), salt, fresh garlic, parsley, capers and sprinkled with olive oil.

Our International guests.

Kate adding the final touches to her delicious dessert.
Among her many other talents, she's a fantastic cook.

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