Global Warming Does Not Exist - Uh, Do we live on the same planet??!

Global warming does not exist and humans do not cause pollution.....well, that's what some Republicans from America say and also many people I meet. I'm confounded by these people. Do we live on the same planet?? I think not! We obviously live in different parallel dimensions.

Just two and half weeks ago, I was at a restaurant in Scandinavia with friends from Italy. We were having the usual conversation about food, etc., and then somehow we ended up talking about pollution and cars. Aahhhhhhh........yes, I remember now, we were talking about how high the taxes were in Scandinavia. We had wanted to rent a car to see the sights and drive to Stockholm, but the taxes were triple the cost of the actual car rental, so we decided that it was better to fly to our destination. Well, then we got into the conversation about why the taxes were so high. The government discourages people from driving, due to increased pollution, by enforcing high taxes and promotes other ways of commuting: trains, buses, bicycles, etc. Well, our very dear friend said in not so many words, "I don't believe that cars cause pollution. Global warming doesn't exist. Governments make-up that information." Our seemingly intelligent, somewhat travelled friend said these inane words. I could not, but pipe in my two cents. I realized the futility of it, but I had to try, for the good of mankind and earth.

Anyhow, my fiance was not happy with me. He does not believe in having conversations with people and prolonging an inevitable conversation full of conflict when it's obvious that they are set on their views. But the "hopeful, I can change the world" person inside me had to say something. Wouldn't you?

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