I Love my new Birkis!! - Bari

I went into Bari for a job interview and to my complete surprize, I passed a shop with an array of colours and designs for all Birkenstocks. I was gobsmacked! I went in thinking.....they have the colours, but they won't have my size. In less than 5 minutes, I asked and I received blue Birkis with a wide band across the front in European size 36. I thought, well....there must be something wrong with it. I've been looking for so long that it can't be this easy all of a sudden. But, after turning it over and around, it was perfect and devoid of any defects. Okay, so that was it. It was that simple. I bought them and within minutes my search had ended.
I felt a little deflated......I had felt so much excitement looking for them that by stumbling upon them by chance diminished some of the desire and pleasure of owning a new pair - go figure!

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