Flea Markets - oh sweet fun!

i hope you all had a wonderful week! the hubby and i spent the past week in rome. it was super busy, especially with the "pope" thing going on. knowing this, we steered clear of the vatican. i shall post some pics from that trip next time.

there are many markets for fresh food and cheap manufactured products; however, i haven't discovered very many organized flea markets. 
so, imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon one in a little town down south.

there were many interesting things to be found but personally, too expensive for me.
i wanted to buy some old keys but they were charging 5 euros for each key
and that was just too much for my budget. 

although, i'm not into organ music, i still found the organ 
the most interesting thing at the flea market.
and one thing i love about italy is that you can find all types of lemon and citrus trees 
growing just about everywhere.  


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