Citrine Orange and Yellows!

lately, as you know, i've been working with metals, but when i was buying supplies to make more jewelry, i fell in love with some new crystals. i never get tired of them.
they add sparkle and radiance to one's face and outfit.
i've fallen in love with a new colour recently. 
citrine orange and citrine yellows
the colours are just radiant and enchanting really....
i also find this colour quite energizing, invigorating and refreshing. 

here are some tiny, crystal bracelets, and agate, pearl earrings that
are in the shop now. 

p.s. i'm working on a new website for the blog and shop. my goal is to integrate my jewelry shop, art and blog, and will let you all know when it's ready. i can't wait!!



  1. These pieces are so pretty! The citrine sparkles really nicely! So exciting that you're integrating your shop with your art and blog. Looking forward to seeing it!

    Have a lovely weekend Reese!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. Yeah for new blogs and art! Look forward to seeing it....I must get back in the swing of things.

  3. Really beautiful creations Reese! xo

  4. These are so nice, Reese! I love the amber colored ones!

  5. perfect colours to step into spring/summer. if spring ever comes :) i also looked at your carnaval post, how fantastic to celebrate that way. xo sandra

  6. These are gorgeous, I need to buy the double mint bracelet!! I also owe you an email!! xoxo


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