Carnival in Italy aka Carnevale in Italia

before living in italy, the only carnivals i knew about were in Brazil and the U.K. now, i know better and realize that many countries celebrate carnivals. by happenstance, my husband and i were fortunate to find a carnival being celebrated in a small town down south near lecce.

'carnevale' aka 'carnival' is a popular tradition throughout italy. carnevale in italy was traditionally a period when roles between men and women were reversed for a day. now, it is celebrated as a time when people get together to laugh at themselves,
their leaders and their world. 

more fun facts about carnevale in italy - go here.

 i think it's funny that they have 'clown' written on the back when it's obvious that they are clowns.
 cowboys in italy?
an old castle that i think is now used as the town hall.

i hope you enjoyed the pics. 
have a lovely weekend my friends!

p.s. do any of you have a flickr account? 
do you enjoy posting your photos and find it useful to do so?
i've got one but haven't started using it yet. i'd like to get some feedback on it.


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