A Peek inside the Rambles with Reese Shop

 ....where has the time gone? how have you spent your february? i genuinely miss writing in this little blog of mine and my conversations with you. nevertheless, priorities are priorities, and work and home come first. i truly shouldn't complain because work dries out by may and then there's a four month dry spell until october. that's italy for you.

i honestly can't wait for the summer. not only because i love living in my flip flops but because i'm planning my trip back home to Canada and the U.S. and a side trip (haven't decided where that might me but i'm thinking of the asia pacific or the american southwest - 
i've alway wanted to see the canyon lands and parks). 

i'm really super relieved to be going home and catching up with my parents and friends. i get to eat lots of food that i can't get here and "just be." life is quite stressful being an immigrant living in another country, so kudos to all of you immigrants, expatriates, foreigners, nonnatives out there in this world! it's not easy. the longer i'm here, the more proud i am of where I come from. 

wishing you a marvelous week my friends....
until next time.


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