Amazing Atacama's Starry Nights - Stars and Sky

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Although, I don't know much about the stars and sky, I do know that I enjoy all its beauty, and one of my favourite things to do is to gaze above at the stars and stare in all its wonderment. 

Here is something that I just discovered recently. This really is a must see! This new time-lapse video made by Christoph Malin and Babak Tafreshi is an amazing rare spectacle of the earth's sky at night. It was shot in Chile's Atacama Desert, which is known as the perfect spot to view the stars, allowing astronomers to see the constellations without too much interference from lights and other conditions that can distort their view. 
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  1. I'm always amazed when I leave the city and how you can actually see stars at night! It's incredible to think about how many of them there are!

  2. This is so cool! I also LOVE looking at the stars at night! They are so freaking awesome!

  3. On clear nights, I love to look at the stars!

  4. this is such a cool video... love it!

  5. oh, i would love to watch this, but unfortunately my old little laptop, marvin the mac, is a bit persnicketty and doesn't like to play videos. so.

    i can, however, completely agree with you on the wonderment of the night sky! living in a city, it is so easy to forget how amazing and expansive and pretty it all is, but i can remember some of my most peaceful, awe-stricken, humbling experiences have been the moments i have had the privilege of being far from the city, laying on some grass, and gazing at the sky. oh. it's marvelous.

  6. Wow, that really was cool. Thanks so much for sharing it. I love looking up at the night sky


  7. I'm so glad you all enjoyed this video. I love getting lost in the stars!!



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