Package Pals

Happy Tuesday Everyone
Package Pals 2011 has begun!

Hey sweets! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 
Our weekend was fun but super busy. Not only did we have friends over for the longest lunch ever (4 hours), we also spent our weekend looking for doors. You read correctly - doors. We have to replace all 6 doors in our home and we've been going to places who sell and install them. Unfortunately doors do not come cheap here. A decent, nice looking door starts from 400 Euros to 600 Euros. 
Pretty crazy don't you think? 
How much would you be willing to replace a bedroom or bathroom door?

Anyways, I'll keep you updated on that because now I would like to tell you about something pretty special I'm participating in, called "Package Pals." It was started by Gentri Lee, who writes a cool, fun blog. She sets up bloggers from around the world to swap packages with each other. Once we get to know each other through email, we send each other fun packages filled with goodies from our countries and it's a fun way to connect with someone you've never met and open up a treat from your mail box other than open up just bills, bills, bills.

My package pal is Kaycie from the U.S. who blogs about her sweet life at  Redhead Memories.
We're supposed to take pics of our package beforehand so that we can show our package pals and readers. However, flaky me forgot to take pictures of the entire process. I began to take a few pics at the very beginning but I got so immersed in decorating the package that I forgot to take pics of it before 
rushing off to the post office. 

Here is a pic I remembered to take. It's pitiful I know...but I promise it looked so much better once I finished decorating and packing it up. 

And Kaycie, if you're reading this....I promise it gets better :-)).


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