Happy Tuesday! Christmas Special Offer on New Silver and Agate Bracelets in the Shop

Hello my dear wonderful friends and readers!

Did you all have a lovely weekend?
We threw a lovely, intimate dinner party over the weekend but boy was it ever a lot of work. I wish my husband and I had remembered to take some photos because it will be quite some time before we do that again. I had a few friends cancel out on me at the last minute so we have heaps of leftovers to eat for the next couple days. I'm grateful for the friends that did show up. It added a lovely intimate feeling to the dinner. Has that ever happened to you?

Some of you may have noticed that I'm down to one or two posts a week. I'm working now again in my day job and I don't have as much spare time as I used to, especially with the intermittent home renovations, jewellery making, craft projects and painting. I'm trying to preserve the quality and content of my blog as I just don't want to post random bits here and there to fill up the week. I hope you understand and will enjoy what weekly posts I do publish. 

I am thankful to you all. 
This little blog means a lot to me and  having you read and 
leave comments makes it that much more special and meaningful.

Shop News! 
New Silver and Agate Bead Bracelets will be available in my etsy shop this week and I'm offering a 
20% off Christmas Special on all New and Current Items to all my blog readers. Check regularly as I will be posting them daily throughout this week and next.

what do you think?

wishing you a lovely week my dears!


  1. Hi, sweetie! I love the new pieces. You are truly talented:) Have a wonderful day and your dinner party sounds so wonderful:) Muah

  2. Hello, Reese!!I celebrated my father's 55-th birthday this last weekend and I had fun with my family, ate a lot...Were you the one to cook for that amazing intimate cosy dinner? :)
    Ciao, cara! Pup(kiss)by Alina

  3. the pieces are beautiful... have a great time and Happy Thanksgiving eve!

  4. very pretty jewels my dear!

  5. Such amazing jewelry, Reese! You are so creative!
    How fun you had a dinner party! That sounds fun :)
    I am back from vacation and now it is Thanksgiving, so I am having a hard time catching up with blogs and email, but I hope to have time this weekend and I'll email you! I started to not feel very well today, so I hope I'm okay for Thanksgiving tomorrow. I want to be able to taste that food!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week! xoxo

  6. Wow, lovely pieces!
    The party does sound nice, though it's disappointing when friends back out at the last moment. It has happened to me before.

    You are doing great multi-tasking with the job and all your other projects. Keep rocking!

  7. perfect time for me to announce the gift certificate winner!!! i, like you, am so very busy with everything at the moment. so now your post has pushed me to just do it already!

  8. reese, your bracelets are really lovely! what a wonderful way to spend your time not blogging! Honestly, since I started working, I find it impossible to post regularly. I have no idea how other people do it! I can't even read books or do anything creative as it is. so it seems like you are just doing an amazing job at balancing everything!

  9. Beautiful pieces (and I really love the elephant)

  10. aww, these are all so lovely! they're very pretty. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  11. You guys all ROCK! Thanks so much for your sweet words!

  12. They are gorgeous, I love the toggle design...and the OWLS!! I just bought a beautiful owl necklace, I cant wait to wear my beautiful owl bracelet from you with my new owl necklace! xoxo


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