How to Deal with the Post Holiday Blues

Post Holiday BLUES

I know I've been really light on posts lately. I' m sorry. I have no excuses...well, not any good ones anyways. I'm just having a hard time getting back into the routine of things after the Christmas holidays. 

Are any of you experiencing anything similar?

My goal this month - not this week (cause' I know it won't happen) is to try to get myself into a routine where I will have time to learn Italian, write regular posts on my blog, work on my art and drawings and still have time for a life. Did I forget to mention my sad little guitar who is lacking a whole lot of lovin'?

Is it possible to do? 
I really hope so.

I've tried writing to do lists, writing in my calendar, writing on my online calendar, writing on post it notes, setting a timer for tasks, setting my alarm to get up super early (which I  turn off  and dive back under the covers). None of which have been successful.

How are you dealing with the post Christmas Holiday blues?
Any tips on scheduling a routine and sticking to it?
Your experiences would definitely be appreciated.

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