2010 Recap - A Wonderfully Productive Year!

2010 Recap
I'm sorry I couldn't wish all of you a proper 
Happy New Year as I was away on my road trip. However, I was thinking of you all while I was on the road. 
Really. Truly. 
I find it hard sometimes to pry myself away from the computer. On the morning of our trip, I was madly writing and finishing up my post - risking the wrath of my husband, who was impatiently tapping his feet and giving me looks that would intimidate some people (sometimes it works on me as well). He was waiting for me to get my butt out of the chair, so that we could start our long drive towards Perugia

I've had a chance to peruse some of your blogs since my return, and I promise that I will get to all of you soon. I'm really inspired by all of your New Year's Resolutions and New Year's Lists and it got me thinking about my plans for 2011 and what I've achieved this past year with the help of my wonderful husband. 

2010 Accomplished:

1. Replaced all the windows in our flat. 

2. Became an Apple user and Mac fan.

3. Renovated the family room and busted down a partial wall in the kitchen, which would never have been accomplished without my talented husband and friends.

4. Experienced an Italian, Amalfi Coast Wedding.

5. Visited family and friends in Vancouver, Canada for the summer holidays and shipped all my last remaining childhood things to Italy.

6. My first camping trip to the beach in southern Italy.
a beautiful insect that looks like a red dragonfly perched on our 
windshield wiper.
eating lunch away from the hot sun.

7. Finished renovating the office. 

8. Fixed up the hallway, guest room and added a closet

9. Took a Road trip to the city of Perugia and Assisi, Italy.

10. Continued to write in this little blog of mine and made some lovely friends in the blogging community...to just name a few. I'm sorry I can't fit more of you in, but I'm definitely thinking of you too.


I don't make New Year's Resolutions because I don't want to set myself up for failure, however, I do believe in reassessing everything in one's life - things that work, things that don't, devising solutions and making necessary changes. I usually do this on my birthday, and since, my birthday falls around the end of the year, it somewhat serves the same intention. I, also get a little philosophical around this time as well....always questioning my life and its purpose.

Questions I've asked myself about 2010 
(and you may have asked yourselves the same thing). 

Have I become any wiser this year? 
Not quite sure...I really hope I have. 

Have I become a kinder and better person? 
I certainly hope so.   

How have I grown and what have I learned in this past year? This list is a little longer, so I've numbered it to make it easier to follow. 

1. I've learned that I don't have to do it all by myself. 
It's okay to ask and receive help.
(I learned this from my husband.)

2. Love is   i   n   f   i   n   i   t   e

3. Happiness is derived from simplicity.

4. Good things really do happen to good people.

5. God has a sense of humour.

6. Letting go.

7. My health really took a beating this year - if I'm not healthy, I'm not happy and nothing gets done. 
Dear sweet friends, listen to me. 
Health matters.


I wish all of you health and happiness in 2010.
Thank you for your support and friendship.
You have brought me much joy and inspiration.
Really and Truly. 

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