Happy Tape

Have you heard of Happy Tape?

If you haven't - you will now. 

I've been thinking about ordering something from Happy Tape, but there's just one tiny problem. I can't figure out what set to buy. There are just so many choices to select from that I can't make a decision. Does that ever happen to you? You walk into a shop or an online shop and you love everything and you just can't pick which one you want. In my youth, I used to be able to buy just about anything because I was more carefree and had less responsibility, so I would just solve the problem by buying double. Sometimes, I'd buy the same pair of shoes or piece of clothing in different colours. But, now I'm older and a little wiser, and budget conscious. So which set of Happy Tape to buy? ZA! It's too difficult. 

I just love the name of their shop - Happy Tape. It really does make me happy looking at the pretty and colourful assortment of tapes. The tapes below are just a few from their shop. You can buy them in singles, pairs, multi-packs, and jumbo-packs. Aren't they just lovely? I can use the tape for pretty packages and clothes pegs, but I know that if I use my imagination I can come up with a gzillion ideas. Their blog also shows some different ways to use the tape. 

Image of english beat 5pakImage of uniform stripe 5pakImage of candy stripe 5pakImage of jade 5pakImage of 8inch multi-roll tape dispenser (pick a color!)Image of waterfall 5pak

Help me - which one?

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