Re-upholstery - Before and After Photo of Antique Chair



This is how the chairs looked before we took-off the old upholstery. There were actually two layers of upholstery. So, these chairs have gone through a makeover before. I believe we have given it its second makeover. 

I really, really have to thank my amazing husband for re-upholstering this chair for me. We, both don't know how to re-upholster anything, but we decided to give it a go; after watching him take off the old material with just a plyer and a screwdriver, I have a new-found appreciation for anyone who attempts to recycle old furniture. It's definitely not easy. He hurt his hand a few times while taking off hundreds of nails and staples. I'm sure there are proper tools out there to do this, but we didn't know about them when we were doing it. He, then cut out the material using the measurements from the material he took off the old chair, and stapled the new material onto the chair, folding over the rough edges as he was doing it. 

This chair is old? I don't really know. But old enough that it has been through a makeover in the past and now it's getting its second makeover. Originally, I wanted to choose a lighter colour fabric for the chair, but the shop didn't have the exact material that I wanted, so we settled on this material instead. It's not too bad. I like the print, although it's a little dark for me. Unfortunately, I generally don't have the patience to wait, so I bought the material on the spot with the help of my sweet husband. 

Now, we just have one more chair to do and we're finished. 

What do you think?

Do you have a before and after photo that you'd like to share? 


  1. Excellent job! The new chairs look fantastic!

  2. It looks so much better! I applaud you for tackling upholstery...I'm not that brave yet.

  3. The chair looks great. I admire your work! I tried to "upgrade" dining room chairs a while back, and they looked horrible!

    I'm sure it is tough to do with old furniture, but how cool is it that you're being green?

  4. whoa~ what a transformation! awesome :D

  5. Wonderful work!! It doesn't even look like the same chair! I hope your husband didn't hurt himself on the 2nd one. I am truly impressed! I have seen many chairs that have so much potential, but I've been too afraid to try to tackle this. Now I am inspired. Thanks, lady! xo

  6. Hi Sue, thanks for the comps!


  7. Hi Elizabeth, I have to give all the credit to my husband. Unfortunately, my hands weren't up to doing the job and he's more meticulous than me. :-))) So, he's the brave one!


  8. Hey Mary,

    I feel your pain. Sometimes, I try something and they just don't turn out the way I imagine it.

    But, yes, I am happy about wasting and spending less. I grew up in a household where everything was always new, new, new! So, I'm learning a lot about recycling and saving.


  9. And thank you guys for the rest of your comps. It's truly appreciated and motivating.

    And believe me, if we can do it, so can you! Or shall I say, if my husband can do it.......:-)))


    Glad to be of inspiration - small or large!


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