Chalkboard Dreams

This is close to perfection for me. 

I have this dream of chalkboard. I want chalkboard everywhere in my home. It has always been a childhood dream of mine.....although, there is one tiny little problem. I need to compromise with my significant other, who thinks that more than one room with chalkboard paint is a bit too much. So, since we are slowly renovating our home, 
I am trying to decide which room is the best place for 
chalkboard paint

I would love to have chalkboard paint on our front door to write messages and little notes, however, we just got a new front door and I'm one hundred per cent sure that it's not in the cards. The other place I would like to have chalkboard paint is in our kitchen and office/art room; but since I can only have it in one room - which one? Dilemma. The kitchen would be a great place to put chalkboard paint, where I could write messages and recipes, which would be really handy and efficient. Although, one in my office would be nice, so I can write notes, to do lists, inspirational quotes and draw. This would definitely bring me some joy.

So, here are some marvelous ways people have used chalkboard paint.
It can be used the home, at the office, on furniture and anything else you can think of.

country living via poppytalk

chalkboard wall da Nicole Adrianne.

New chalkboard wall

Chalkboard paint + red + white kitchen: Farrow & Ball 'Blazer,' from Met Home by xJavierx.

Photo by Antoine Boots, Metropolitan Home, October 2009

Thought for the day - on a Chalkboard wall... by Handmade Evolution

Chalkboard Pantry by chris_rudolph
chalkboard door by suziebeezie.

Waldorf Chalkboard Drawing by xeaza.

Chalkboard drawing from Northern Lights School, a Waldorf school in Wilmington, NY.

Wishing you all, a weekend filled with silliness, fun, merriment, nonsense, joy 
and gut-busting laughs.

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