Rome - Oh Beautiful, Chaotic, Complex, Lavish, Grandiose Rome

i promised you rome and here it is.

this would be my third or fourth trip to rome....i'm beginning to lose count in my old age .-).
rome is often called one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 
i won't dispute that nor its grandeur, however, it sure is looking a little tired and old lately. 
it's a wish really but i hope the politicians in italy will wake up and realize before it's too late... that one cannot live and dwell in the past of its once former glamour and glory. 

i've seen so many beautiful photos of rome and i was hoping that my husband or i had taken at least a few really mesmerizing pictures but after perusing through all our photos...sadly there are few. therefore, instead of trying to post beautiful pictures that millions have  already done before me....
here are some interesting ones instead, or rather, should i say? that 'i' think are interesting .-)

i waited a long time for traffic to disappear from this roundabout, however, this little old cinque cento (500) fiat didn't want to continue on its way. at first i found it annoying but now looking back at the photo, it's quite sweet.
one of many grand official government offices.
rome is looking quite tropical.....
altare della patria, a.k.a the victorian, or altar of the homeland is the palace monument that dominates piazza venezia. 
little train at the villa borghese park - a defiite must see. the park is huge so i recommend putting aside several hours or half a day to see this magnificent park. 
 a zoned off site where there are artifacts still to be uncovered. i would think that these areas would be surrounded less by garbage and waste but that is not the case. a downside to this country is that waste is everywhere even in the most beautiful and sacred of areas. 
a street artist in an inconspicuous area. it was a beautiful, sunny day and the city was heaving with tourists, yet this particular area was quite barren of any passerbyes. i had wondered why he had chosen this area. 

beautiful frescoes in the church (TrinitĂ  dei Monti) above the spanish steps.
enjoying probably the best ice-cream in rome. this gelateria is right across from the church above the spanish steps.
note that the quality of gelato is not the same in all places.
i enjoyed it so much that i actually went back for a second gelato in a cone. :-)

 it's not even summer yet and rome is heaving with people and tourists.
 a view of the spanish steps. this road facing it is filled with designer and expensive shops.
colonna dell'immacolata
 there were many passerbyers trying to figure out how these two street performers managed to hold this form for a long time....i just noticed how some were getting too physically close to them. it's gotta be tough to be a street performer.

 the trip to rome was far from relaxing but still enjoyable. beware that the transporation sector has a strike every week/2 weeks on fridays, which we didn't know about. so don't go buying tickets for buses or subways in advance. we got stuck with 16€ of subway/bus tickets because we didn't know about this and there are 
no signs to tell you of this in either italian or english. 

consumer beware:  i'm severely lactose intolerant, and one cafe that i went to served me a cappuccino with regular milk instead of soya milk like i had requested. beware that you could be lied to if you're not a regular customer in any place in italy. unfortunately, i'm speaking from experience from my many trips around italy and where i live. i specifically asked for soya milk, stating that I was lactose intolerant and the owner said, "no worries and that they had soya milk." later that evening, I couldn't tell you how much pain i was in. this lasted all through the night and to the next day on my flight home.

other than the hiccups i mentioned, it was a good trip. i found a beautiful FABRIANO shop. it was the highlight of my trip. it had so many lovely stationery, paper, pens, leather, etc. these have to be my favourite type of shops. i love to touch the paper and soak-in the atmosphere. i went away with some lovely new paper and material to draw and paint on.
what's your favourite type of shop to peruse when you're on holiday?

i wrote a lot more than i had intended just because it will be my last post on italy for a while. 
i hope you enjoyed it.

have a lovely week my friends!



  1. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog. You have captured the spirit of Rome, I like that you have shown the lesser traveled area with the street art. I haven't been yet but I have learned so much about the city that it's a place I would like to visit soon, chaos, food lies, and all. :)

  2. I've never been to rome, your photos are absolutely amazing. Really beautiful.

  3. I have never been, so it still looks kind of magical to me. Yowza to those street performers!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that they didn't give you the soy milk that you asked for and that you got on them.

    I'm glad that overall you had a fun time and took some really interesting photos. Wow look how tiny that car is! It's so crazy to see the historical buildings and the modern cars in the same it!


  5. I went to Rome nearly 18 years ago and frankly I don't remember very much of it except I was worried about pickpockets, especially around the Spanish Steps.

    I should probably return one day and make new memories of that place. So sorry to hear about her tummy aches due to the coffee - that's not nice being lied to!

  6. Oh no, how rude of that café staff! Btw: Those top photos of Rome at night are so swoonworthy. I want to pack my bag and go there right now. Muah

  7. Well Reese, I think your photos are beautiful and they've made me want to go!

    My sister just had her wedding in Sicily and her wedding car was a Fiat 500! So cool.

  8. this is one of the most beautiful cities in the world... these images have me daydreaming!


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