Lately what I made.....

radiant crystals, sparking gemstones, luminous colours, refreshing turquoise, meaningful stones and beads.....all that inspire me when i handcraft the jewellery that i make.

all in the etsy shop now!

how has your week been? 

the weather here in s. italy has been pretty dreary of late. i am looking forward to sunny may.
i'm going through the rome photos to share with you next week and that'll be it for the italy posts for a while because i feel like i've been writing too many jewelry and italy posts, so i will be taking a break from writing about both...i'll still be making jewelry for the shop but not writing as much about it. 

I want to spend more time on my blog writing about art in general and 
what is going on in the creative world. so much talent and goodies out there! 

p.s. almost forgot to say - thank you for the conversations.


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