signs of christmas

goodness! it's been a long time since i've written in this blog. 
i kinda feel like a 'newbie' again. 

i'm sorry if i've disappointed some of you readers but i just wasn't feeling "it"
....whatever you want to call it. i won't make anymore promises i can't keep.
i know. i suck.

me thinks, however, that i may be getting my 'mojo' back. 
i've been working on a big project that i started last fall and was hoping to have completed and to show you by now but it's taking much, much longer than i had thought - like most things in life. so, instead of waiting for later to come i'm going to continue to blog and maybe it will help me achieve my targets sooner by giving me accountability. with that in mind, here's a question for your bloggers out there -
do you use your blog to achieve any goals or 
give you accountability? 

we're enjoying a lot of rain, wind and cold in italy. 
have you seen the pics of venice under water? go here if you haven't.  

so the only signs of christmas i see are in shops. however in other parts of the world, there are already signs of christmas. 

isn't this holly beautiful? 

photo credit: here

are there signs of christmas where you live?

p.s. wishing all americans a very cozy and warm thanksgiving this week! 
and a sincere thank you for sticking with me. 


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