Jewelry Gift Guide in the Rambles with Reese Shop at Etsy

tomorrow will be the first day of december and i will be busy making my christmas card list, and going into the garage and taking out christmas decorations to put up. 
when do you put up your holiday decorations?

oh...and before i forget, here are some new designs in the shop, including 
christmas holiday jewelry.

silver, antique silver, hammered silver, turquoise and black beads, snowflakes, butterflies and flowers,
all at exceptionally great prices. 

to browse more from the shop: go here or click on the shop link above.
wishing you a lovely weekend!



  1. I wore your earrings to work just the other day! Adam hung up lights today and we get our tree this weekend ;) Just sent you an email!

  2. Those are lovely items,
    perfect for holiday dressing.

  3. Gorgeous earrings Reese. I'm off to look at your shop now ;-)

  4. Your collection is gorgeous, I love the hoop earrings...and how adorable is your little Christmas bear!! xoxo

    We put up decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving! I need to start putting my card list together too!


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