Birds - Flights of Beauty

i hope you all had a lovely thanksgiving weekend

the hubby and i had a guest this past week. we're pretty rusty in hosting guests as we don't get guests too often staying over in this part of the world but i think we did okay. we went with our friends and our guest to a local wine festival and really had a lovely time. we bought a glass of wine each and with our tickets were able to try different local wines from the nearby regions of italy. some good, some not so good. 

the downside of drinking so many different types of wines is the day after effect. we both suffered a hangover that lasted most of the following day. what did i learn? i learned that to have fun sometimes you have to pay the consequences of it and have no regrets. i would do it again. 

i've been busy making jewelry, taking photos of them, and listing them in my shop. I shall share them in a follow-up post later this week. 

in today's post, i wanted to share with you my love of nature, in particular, the beauty of our flying friends - birds. i'm also happy to say that i'm drawing and painting many different types of subjects and right now birds are just captivating me. some of these birds will be my inspiration for my next few drawings.....

stellar's jay

            lady gouldian finch and hummingbird

   spreeuw (Sturnus vulgaris) by serge

 kingfisher                                                                   hummingbird

airy feathers                                                            fuzzy peach babies


fairy wren

 photos: here

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