Double Giveaway Winners!


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! Since, I'm beginning to feel heaps better, I got out as much as possible to enjoy the brief sunny weather we had over the weekend. I was sick of staying indoors and I'm so glad I did, cause' it's wet and windy again. What is going on - Italy?! Usually at this time of year, the weather is beautiful. The hubby and I went for a lovely stroll around some furniture shops and ordered some Italian pizza and watched RED (Retired and Extremely Dangerous). And yesterday we had some friends over for homemade hamburger and chips - delicious!
I'm proud to say that I pigged out royally!
How about you?

After drinking a lot of coffee, hair pulling, and running to the bathroom because of all the coffee, I finally figured out how to use thanks to, click on the link if you need some tips on how to use it.
Now I'm happy to announce the Giveaway Winners!

The winner of the Double Giveaway is Belaa talented crafter, mommy and blogger of chà de baunilha!

And the winner of the Sunday Giveaway is Annie, of all natural anniethe go-to website for all things about health and beauty!

wait! there's another surprise! 

Because I was having innumerable problems with the random number generator, I had another number generated by accident, and so only to be fair, there is a second winner of the
Sunday Giveaway, and that is to Melissa, mommy and fashion blogger from write it in lipstick.

Congratulations Ladies!
Please send me an email with your postal address.

I wish I had prizes for all of you.
Thank you for the comments you leave behind. I love reading them. Although, I can't always get back to each and every one of you, I am thinking of you.
Thank you all for your support and participating! 
We will be doing this again soon.


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