before and after

before and after makeover

i think summer is coming sooner than we thought....
well, in my neck of the woods anyway. 
how's the weather where you are?
saturday was so warm and sunny.  we were lucky to enjoy the lovely weather by going to a relaxing barbecue at my friend Sara's villa, who is also a blogger, you can check her out here and later in the evening we went into the city to fill a much needed sushi craving. 

now i'd like to share some exciting news this week. i'm getting a new face for my blog and the wonderful annie from wattlebird is redesigning it for me. i can't wait to see the final look of it and share it with all of you. she is really talented. so if you're looking for a new look or you like crafts, have a look at her website. 

the before and after makeover below is a simple project that I worked on and it has a twin that i still need to complete. since moving to italy, where i've discovered everything is so much more expensive than back home, recycling and reusing existing things has really become important to me and now it's beginning to become a lifestyle change.  i took an old night stand that i didn't have much hope for, but decided that it just takes some imagination and love to make it pretty. it was my first job at refurbishing anything, therefore sanding by hand and painting was a lot more difficult than I had imagined, i was sanding by hand for days with not much success, so there is lots of room for improvement for the second night stand and the accompanying large dresser. 

p.s. since this project, my sweet husband bought me a personal sander from Bosch, so that my hands don't get red and callused. 

Do you have any refurbishing stories you'd like to tell?


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