Etsy Love: Owls, Owls, Owls

Owls, Owls, Owls

Right now Owls are all the rage, although, I've adored them for as long as I can remember. I want to buy all things Owls, but I'm actually trying to not buy more pieces and ceramics for our home because I've just got too much stuff right now and I feel like our flat is full of clutter. Since I can't buy any, I thought I would do the next best thing and peruse all my favourite on my blog.

i just happened to find the last two photos from a 
blog dedicated to owls. 
how very cool.


p.s. thank you for all your well wishes. It means a great deal to me. I discovered that I have bronchial pneumonia and acid reflux disease (GERD), so I'm on a new set of antibiotics. I'm hoping to be fully better by Christmas, as it's my favourite time of the year.


  1. What a beautiful selection of owls:) I adore the blue one and the sweet little hat..awww
    Have a fantastic Monday, darling

  2. Owls are adorable and I too have loved them for years and years. Who would have thought they'd become so popular..!

    Take a look at my 'art blog' (link on Space for Inspiration). There are lots and lots of owls..

    xx Charlotta

  3. I love Owls! They are just so fun!

  4. oh so adorable. i, too, have been interested in the owl craze-they have been popping up everywhere. i bought my brother an old pair of owl bookeneds for christmas:) there's just something about them that speaks to vintage lovers, i think. we love old things, things with history and meaning, and owls have a very "been there, done that" attitude-they are so wise, after all:)

    fun, sweet post-great way to start my monday!

  5. Have you seen Bobbi's new cat? I think he looks like a owl!

  6. Reese, they are all adorable!!! Thanks for the owl show!!! Love!! Bela.

  7. They're so cool.. This is such a fun collection of owls! :)

  8. Reese I do love owls and the multi-colored minis are so sweet. Now about your health...I was diagnosed with GERD only to discover 5 years later (and a head of hair on the floor + multiple other scary maladies) that I had celiac disease. Have you considered a gluten-free diet to calm your stomach. That reflux is the WORST!

    Let me know if there's anything I can answer or do.

    Carrie aka your mother? (sorry about that)

  9. Ohh how cute are all of these!! I love the lil baby hat!! =) Oh dear feel better! I hope the antibiotics help you out!! My boyfriend has acid reflux & he says once you get used to eating different things it's really not bad very manageable. Best wishes!!

    Hey thanks for stopping by my blog!! Come back anytime!!

    Melanie's Randomness

  10. So glad you are feeling better to blog and hope the extra medicines speed you towards recovery! (I've had friends with GERD - it's not fun!) These owls are adorable and I esp. love the tiny little porcelain (ceramic?) ones all lined up in a row. So adorable!

    Feel better in time for Christmas! (Also one of my favorite times of year :)).

  11. awwww how cute! i've always loved owls and these etsy finds are just soooo adorable! my fave are the ones from mi mi...tiny and sweet :)

  12. I love owls, they are just the best, and that owl calendar is just precious :)

  13. Loving all the white ceramic ones!

  14. When the owl craze first hit I wasn't buying in but they've grown on me and now I like them. The first two prints are my favorites. The first one reminds of a VERY old commercial about a tootsie pop.

  15. What fun to see all that fun and beautiful art made from owls! I have a set of small carved wooden owls painted in fun colors that I bought on the island of Bali (Indonesia) ages ago. Should photograph them some time.

    We have the real deal hooting in the woods behind our house. Only saw him once.

  16. I have loved owls for awhile now too. I have a necklace with a sweet owl on it that my husband gave me years ago.

  17. All the owls in this post make my heart sing!

    Also, sending positive vibes your way -- here's to good health.

  18. I am so into owls right now too! I LOVE each owl thing I see! And there is definitely a lot of it. I saw one of those knitted owl hats recently and I almost bought one.
    I hope you are recovering fast and can enjoy this Christmas season!


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