Christmas Markets in Europe

Heavenly Christmas Markets

A Christmas Market is absolutely heaven for someone like me. I'm in love with everything Christmas - the lights, the magic, the love and warmth, the aroma of Winter in the air. Europeans, especially the Germans, Austrians and French do it so well. I guess it's because they have centuries of experience.

The hubby and I had wanted to go away this Christmas to Germany, but alas, work got in the it usually does :-)). I can't complain though, as I get Summers off.....reluctantly, of course. 

Have you ever gone to a Christmas Market at home or in Europe?
What do you like about Christmas markets?

I adore all the vibrant colours, hand-made crafts and the 
Christmas cheer!

I just looooooove Christmas!

Freigburg Christmas Market, Germany
November 22 - December 23

Dusseldorf Christmas Market, Germany
November 18 - December 23

Trier Christmas Market, Germany 
November 22 - December 22

Bremen Christmas Market, Germany
November 25 - December 23

Frankfurt Christmas Market, Germany
November 24 - December 22

Graz Christmas Market, Austria
November 20 - December 24

Schonbrunn Christmas and New Year's Market in 
Vienna, Austria
November 20 - January 2

Lille Christmas Market, France
November 24 - December 30

Christmas Market of Mulhouse, France
November 24 - December 29

Christmas Market in the Dolomites (Bolzano and Merano), Italian Alps

All photos above and for detailed information on Christmas Markets in Germany, Austria and France go here.

Just a note: If you are planning in the future to go to a Christmas Market, find out the exact dates that each market is open because many often close by Christmas Eve or Day.

Merry Christmas!
May it be filled with love and cheer!

p.s. my birthday is this week. how many of you are celebrating your birthday this week too? 


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