Decals and Chalkboard

Owl Decal and Chalkboard Red

Here's my owl that doesn't take up any space 
in our home :-)

Some of you may remember my post about buying Decals through Etsy a while back. Well, they finally arrived last month and we've got one of them up on our walls on top of our red chalkboard in the kitchen. When we opened the package, I realized the colours were darker than what I had perceived online. So, if you're planning on getting decals, beware, the colour is darker. When I had ordered them, I thought I was ordering pastel colours, however, they were much deeper and intense than I had thought. I'm still happy with them, but something to note in future.

Our Christmas tree next to our red chalkboard wall with the owl decal ordered from Etsy

Here's a quick home project you can do. Last month, my husband and I took a trip to the National Park in Gargano to hike along the paths in the forest. I picked up a little holly along the way. Once, we got home, I got some large rocks, which I painted red and then put them all in this vase. Voila! 

This is our Peruvian Nativity Scene. Last year, we put up a large traditional Nativity Scene. This year, we decided to keep it simple.

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

It's great to share the happiness of Christmas 
with YOU!


p.s. I'm so happy today because this is the last day of taking heaps of antibiotics and I'm feeling a bit more like myself these days.  Thanks again for all your well wishes!

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