My Search for Birkenstocks - Copenhagen and Stockholm

I am a devoted fan of Birkenstocks. Birkis - I call them. I had discovered them on a backpacking trip in 2004, making a special stop in Munich to buy them. I completely fell in love with these pairs of shoes - sandals - whatchamacallits. Khaki green with a solid band across the front of the sandal. I was in love. Just gorgeous, and most importantly, comfortable enough that I could walk around for hours and hours and hours. It's almost better than wearing a pair of runners. Unfortunately, I wore them to the point of no return and was looking to replace them. I do own another one in a lilac colour that I had bought in Toronto a while back, but a girl needs more than one colour. I searched all of Copenhagen and Stockholm and sadly, I could not find the exact pair that I wanted - blue with one wide strip. I settled on buying another pair of sandles for the meantime, butI will continue to search and be on the lookout for blue Birkis in European size 36.