Gluten Free in Italy - What an Oxymoron!

I've begun a gluten free diet. I don't have celiac disease, but according to the Naturopath, I'm allergic to all gluten among many other things. I'm suppose to be on a gluten free diet in Italy - in Italy, of all countries! I'm surrounded by pasta, pasta, pasta, pizza, pastries, cornettos, white breads, crusty breads, bread rolls, pasta, pasta, pasta. You get the idea - it's not easy, it's not difficult. It's almost impossible.

I'm also allergic to egg whites, but not egg my body has decided to make my life incredibly complicated. Apparently, I can eat the yellow part of the egg, which is known as "cholesterol heavy" and could cause coronary heart disease and stress out my liver. According to the website,, a large egg has about 231 mg of cholesterol, all located in the yolk. Recommended limit is 300 mg a day. I would need to eat 4 egg yolks in order to feed my hungry stomach.

I found a great gluten free website with articles on how to eat gluten free in Italy.

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