Sunshine, Sunshine for Gargano, Italy -HAH!!

I'm so excited! We're going for a motorbike tour of Gargano and then to the beaches. YAY!! I've been checking the satellite weather forecasts all week. They've predicted above 30 celsius all week and sunshine and more sunshine. We've loaded up the motorcycle and we're ready to go. It's hot riding in a motorcycle jacket, but it's all about protection. It's beautiful and sunny here in Bari....and it's almost 2 hours north to our final destination.

Winding roads, beautiful vistas and sandy beaches. It's incredible! We have been driving non-stop for almost 2 hours without a pit stop or a coffee break. We've literally passed dozens and dozens of camping sites, hotels and beaches and arrive at this location that my fiance has been to many years before. We buy some bread and deli meat and make some sandwiches, but while we've been sitting and eating for about 20 minutes, the weather has changed dramatically. I tell my fiance that I swear I felt a splash of rain on my arm. He tells me that it's not possible. So, we start walking on the beach; I'm not convinced. As we're walking, I look up towards the sky and I see large formations of rain clouds in the distance. I point them out to my fiance, who concurs that they are definitely rain clouds. We decide to wait in the beachfront cafe and hope that the clouds don't come closer, unfortunately for us, the rain clouds are right above us. We decide to go before it gets so bad that it's difficult to drive home in the motorcycle. It is a motorcyclist's worst dream to be caught in a rain storm. For the next 2 hours we are chased by rain clouds.

The weather forecaster should be castrated for this week's forecast of sunshine, sunshine and more sunshine. In this day and age of satellite, how can rain be mispredicted???

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