Stranger at the Door

The Intercom is buzzing. I ignore it. There's no point in answering the intercom when I can't understand the person speaking through it. After the third insistent buzz, I answer it in vain, hoping that I'll understand the basic gist. True to my first thought, I couldn't understand what the person was saying, all I could tell was that he wanted in. Obviously, I'm not letting a stranger into the apartment complex or building. He could be robber/kidnapper/a fanatic Christian? This is not my vivid imagination run wild. I've read plenty of stories of old folks in Canada being tied-up and robbed in their home after they had answered their door. Anyways, after sitting down in front of the computer, the buzzing started again. The person at the other side was not going to give up, so I phoned my wonderful fiance at work, told him the situation and asked him to listen to the person on the intercom as I answered it again. I'll skip over the boring or exciting details, depending on ones point of view.....suffice it to say, I wish I had never answered the intercom in the first place. Lesson learned.......


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