The Heaviest Umbrella in the World

Word of advice - if you're ever in Italy, do not buy the umbrellas they sell in the streets. It looks big and beautiful, and it is. But, there's a catch! If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. We bought one of these umbrellas in Lecce. It's a beautiful umbrella made with real wood with gold embellishments. It looks like the ones they use for golf tournaments but prettier.
Only 5 euros - what a bargain! Well, I figured out today why the heck it's so cheap. It's the heaviest "mother#@$**%*!" ever!!! I've never carried an umbrella so heavy in all my life! After 5 minutes, I had no other choice but to put it down and get wet. The lesson of the story is not to be easily misled by something so cheap and pretty, but I didn't feel bad because I knew the guy that I had bought the umbrella from needed the 5 euros more than I did.


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