Motorcycle Travels through Italy, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia - Part 2

i've been a bad blogger, however, in my defense my blog is not a commercial one, nor is it about any one particular subject nor on any regular schedule. it really is just for me to share my travels, talk about art and jewellery, and for those of you who are interested in reading it. so, then....why do i always feel guilty when i don't write for a while? can anyone shed some light on this irrational feeling of guilt that i get when i don't write for some time?

as promised a while back, here are some more photos of the motorcycle trip i took in the summer. we're still in italy in this post as it took us almost 5 days to traverse through italy before arriving in austria. grab a coffee. lean back. and enjoy the visual tour. :-)

 the basilica di san luca is a bologna landmark - popular with joggers, runners and pilgrims.
 (on the bottom right - my husband walking up the steep path with some of our heavy gear)
extraordinary view of the bologna valley from the basilica.
 portrait of me and my helmet.
 man exercising on the church grounds (one of many)

 the ongoing stairs of the church property

and going....
beautiful view of the dolomites from our hotel window.
 view of the valley below.
our dependable motorcycle sheltered from the rain.
fog and shadow in the dolomites.
quaint, faded yellow building.
  buildings falling into decay... which is common to see in all parts of italy.
i adore seeing owls in the window.
it's common to find a tower clock in almost every piazza in italy.
love our nikon - took this miniature shot of myself.
i look like a hobbit (minus the ears) standing on this block.
to be honest, i was surprised to see so many decaying buildings as i had thought the north
 had fewer than the south.
 gorgeous view of the river and the peaks below.
view from our window.
 horse carriage rides in n.italy
 a local fair in n.italy
  mini-beerfest in n. italy.
 people in traditional outfits in n.italy.

if you got to the bottom here, you definitely deserve another cup of joe. .-)

next post - Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia.
xo Reese


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