Abstract and Birds add vibrancy and colour to Autumn

i hope you are enjoying a lovely autumn as i am here in southern italy…the weather is not too hot and it's not cold yet to complain, and i've been going out for regular bike rides and enjoying the silence of the sea. i'm currently working on a newsletter which i hope to get out to you all soon. lately, i've started a routine of listening to my favourite stand-up comedians while i'm working, instead of the usual pop, rock or classical music. ricky gervais, russell brand, chris rock, jerry seinfeld and russell peters have been cracking me up that i have to stop with the brush so that i don't get paint in the wrong place….hence, it's making me a slower painter but a more amused one. i truly recommend these guys only if you understand true comedic genius!

a few paintings i've been working on are now finally finished and are available on my website now; and will be available soon on etsy as well. for the moment, all art on the website includes shipping and insurance, whereas, the etsy shop prices do not include shipping and insurance. i will be uploading regular artwork to www.reesecarrozzini.com and the etsy shop in time for christmas shipping.

i've aptly titled this painting - 
the universe - spherical abstract (20 x 28 inch).

also, continuing with my love of birds and nature, below 
a white throated bee-eater and an orange breasted sunbird below. 

to see some behind the studio shots, visit my website in behind the scenes  or click on art gallery.

white throated bee-eater (merops albicollis)
pencil, ink, acrylic

orange breasted sunbird
pencil, ink, acrylic

"you can't use up creativity, the more you use, the more you have." 
maya angelou



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