Summer, and the happy bride and groom: a custom wedding portrait

hi guys! this will be the last post for August, as i will be taking a break to renew, re-energize and return with lots of great photos, art and jewellery. the shop on the website and etsy is also closed. in hindsight, I really should be working on it for the fall and christmas season since it was just recently opened but travelling is my other passion and it's calling me... i will let you know when i start taking orders again. feel free to drop me an email or chat thru twitter, facebook, etc. but just note that i won't be able to reply during this break. 

look forward to sharing pics with you soon.

summer is a time for weddings in italy and so here is a peek at me working in the studio on 
"the happy bride and groom: a custom wedding portrait."
regrettably, in my haste to deliver the painting for the newly married couple, i had forgotten to take a final photo. in the final photo, i wrote in handwritten calligraphy 3/0 synthetic brush and black acrylic paint: love is one big adventure, and the couples name and wedding date on the basket.

i hope you are passing a lovely summer or winter if you're down under, my friends.

as they say in italy, un bacio



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