Lately in Italy - through photos

this has been a curious summer....i can't really pinpoint what it is but maybe it's because of the personal changes happening now and to come very soon. some of you already know, as i've mentioned it in our social chats. i would love to share with you but at this time it'll have to wait. i've been trying to get into social networking but it's been hard work and i know that i'm not very effective at it. i've been doing a lot of research on it, alas, nothing i've read has really clicked with me. it just feels so impersonal. it's definitely not a natural skill that i am blessed with. 

right now i'm planning a road trip. i'm really looking forward to a break from everything - online, people, etc. i'll be kind of going off the grid. i live in a seaside town where many people come for their holidays, despite that, i can't holiday in the town where i live. a holiday for me is travelling and that means getting on a bus, car, train, plane, horse, anything that moves. for me, it will be on a motorcycle. i can't wait. i'm excited. it's been a while since my last road trip (last summer's road trip was in the Canadian Rocky Mountains). living in a small town has its benefits, however, i'm a city a girl and i often feel stifled living in its confines. how about you? do you live in a city or small town or village?

here are some pics that i took of the apuglian countryside and the towns that make up this region. the contrast of the vibrant, rich colours are just stunning.

i believe this last photo is of an area where a meteor landed thousands and thousands of years ago which created this gigantic hole/crater. 

wishing you happiness in all areas of your life, my friends.



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